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The term of office of a parish councillor is four years and this period for Goole Fields Parish Council expires shortly.

There will be five vacant seats that require filling.

Anyone wishing to apply for the position of parish councillor can do so by completing a nomination form which is available via the parish clerk or ERYC.

Nomination forms need to be completed and handed in at ERYC, County Hall, Beverley no later than 3rd April 2019.

A candidate must meet the following criteria:

Be a UK or Commonwealth citizen

Be an elector of the parish or during the whole of the last 12 months they have occupied, either as owner or tenant, land or other premises in the parish or their principal or only place of work is in the parish or they live within 3 miles of the parish boundary.

A local election will take place on 2nd May 2019 if there are more applicants applying than seats available.

If you require further information or a nomination pack please contact Sarah Belton on 01405 766451 or email at marshlandfarm@hotmail.com or contact ERYC Electoral Services on 01482 393300


Goole Fields is a civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is situated approximately 3 miles south-west of Goole town centre and lies at both sides but mainly south of the A161 road (Swinefleet Road), covering an area of 1,980.59 hectares (4,894.1 acres). It is bordered to the east by the Swinefleet Warping Drain, to the south by the Blackwater Dike, and to the west by the railway line from Goole to Doncaster.

Goole Fields is in the north-western sector of the marshes of Hatfield Chase drained by the Netherlands civil engineer Cornelius Vermuyden in 1626–28. Before this diversion of the River Don, the area bore the name of Marshland—still occasionally used—or "Merscland" in the Domesday Book.

The civil parish contains no substantial centre of habitation but consists of a number of farms and a former council estate "The Square" and “The Barracks”. There are no shops nor a church or even a post box but there are a total of five street lamps and a grit bin! The only addresses in Goole Fields other than those referred to by farm name are "The Barracks" (formerly the site of a military barracks) and "The Square".

The only mentionable landmarks in Goole Fields are the windmill, the recently heightened riverbank and a wind farm of 16 units "Goole Fields I" which was recently constructed in 2014.

According to the 2014 Register of Electors the Goole Fields parish has a total of 99 people eligible to vote living in 38 associated properties.


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